The Tree of Life is a Jesuit Plot.

The year is 1652 the setting is the opulence of the Vatican Museum and the man is Jesuit Priest Athanasius Kircher. Now old Athanasius, “do you mind if we call you Athy for short? Great!” Athy is an intellectual light of the renaissance. He is a polymath and has published significant works on such subjects as Geology, Medicine, and Egyptology.  Yes Athy is quite an intellectual powerhouse and his current project is deciphering Egyptian Hieroglyphs.  I know you all remember that the Rosetta stone is not going to be deciphered until 1824. And that means that all those curious little carved figures that show up on Egyptian walls and stelle and mummies are mysteries. It was all due to a little period called the dark ages where people decided that adherence to faith was more important than learning, they also liked to burn people who had any but the approved knowledge so learning things, like oh reading and writing became dangerous and most people didn’t do it and therefore we forgot an awful lot of stuff. Including the meanings of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.  Though truth is the Egyptians also had some rough times and had forgotten a good deal even before the dark ages… ah well

But now Athanasius wanted to know, and the church had decided to approve of such an investigation because of the possibility of finding out great secrets and controlling them before they fell into the hands of the sinners. That was the deal, really that was.
So Athanasius had decided that since the people in Egypt in the early parts of this millennium spoke Coptic he would be able to figure out the meanings of the hieroglyphs by using translations of the Coptic Mass. His work had been long and painstaking and had ranged broadly over the possibilities of that strange and magickal culture that had been the brunt of YHVHs wrath during exodus and he came up with such wonderful translations as this:

“The treachery of Typhon ends at the throne of Isis, the moisture of nature is guarded by the vigilance of Anubis.” Note: the post Rosetta stone translation of the same hieroglyphs is “Osiris says” So he was only off by about 19 words. No Problem…

But that was not all he produced he produced a Tree of Life. Now of course he was not the only one. There were several in the middle ages and renaissance, the earliest in fact tended to be round and often concentric or balanced images but it turns out old Athy’s was top dog. The reason for this is probably that it was the one that was most available to occult scholars and was in Latin, which in the good old days we all studied in high school. If you have studied kabbalah or have looked at the tattoos on Madonna’s inner thigh, (no really… umm just kidding) you will recognize this image.  Of course there are translations into English for those of you who lacked a decent edumacation but here it is the Tree of Life that is now used not only by almost every occult scholar in the world today. But even such Hebrew lights as Rabbi Berg, (that’s right Madonna’s red wrist string guy) have adopted this version of the tree created by a Jesuit.

So I hear you saying what’s the problem Joe. You just have it in for the Jesuits, it’s something about that year in Catholic School isn’t it. First of all… WHO TOLD YOU ABOUT THAT????!!!!. And secondly no. It’s not about the fact that Athy was a Jesuit it is about the fact that being a Jesuit, Athy naturally assumes that humanity is separated from divinity. This assumption, creates in this tree, a glyph that constantly communicates to anyone using it that we are not worthy of G-d or divinity or Source or however you term it.
Now how does it do that? I hear you ask. Well the answer is simple. This Tree has a hole in it. The hole is right here. Because although it doesn’t look like much of a hole it is this area termed the “Abyss” that is the problem. For the Abyss is the area we have to cross to attempt to reach the top of the tree. The area of divinity called the “Supernals.” We are told we cannot reach the top of the tree while alive. This model is based upon the idea that humanity has fallen and can’t get up. That we have no right or possibility of reaching back toward Source without help. It is a distinctly Christian read Catholic/Jesuit idea. And every time we use this Tree it reminds us that we are separated from divinity.
It is an idea that I will no longer, in my life, tolerate. For I believe that Source though it is reached through infinite different paths is not at all separated from us in any objective way. Rather we choose to be separated from It. And that separation holds us within the tiny version of ourselves which we believe to be acceptable to this separate god. This Tree, this unintentional Jesuit plot must end. It is time to find other model’s that point out our connection to divinity, that lead us toward our highest potential without dropping us at the edge of an uncrossable void. It is time for a new Tree or conversely a very, very old Tree. For was it not the Tree of Life that would bring us immortality, that is to say make us as gods, according to the book of Genesis in the Christian bible, (look it up Genesis 3:22). Whichever Tree we choose let’s make certain of this. It provides the pathway to the transformation into our highest potential without putting in the limitations created by human religions. Just the branching of my thoughts…


P.S. How this Tree got to be “THE TREE” and what we can do about it will be coming up in blogs over the next few weeks.


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